Physical Development

Medical support :

As we know very well that school life is an important part of children’s life that impacts directly on children’s health either it is physical and mental health. In this age, health promotion and prevention are the most negligible part of the students but the school can take care of it. In maintaining this thing; schools can play a significant role in health promotion just because of two major reasons. The first one is like schools always offer structured opportunities for learning and secondly, the pupils spend a significant amount of their time in schools during which they can involve in all activities either they are in sports or in extra-curricular activities too. Schools medical facilities are always up to date and their main motive is just to take care of all children every time. A healthy body always leads a healthy lifestyle and it directly impacts good education also.

Sport life:

A lot of attention is paid to sports in our school, because it is directly related to the health of children, and physical activity helps to balance the load on the body. Games and sports play a vital role in developing leadership qualities, physical co-ordination and sportsmanship in the students. To develop all these qualities in students HPS provides various options like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Badminton, Football, Chess, Carrom, Ludo and Skating rink.

Учебный процесс