Academic Development

During your time at Hera Public School you will have the chance to develop yourself academically, professionally and personally. Hera Public school offers numerous activities, frameworks and tools to help you along this journey. Choose to engage in campus life and make the most of the developmental opportunities available to you. This will help you achieve your goals at Hera Public School and reach your potential.
Your academic development during your time at Hera Public School is important as it helps you get to grips with level teaching and learning, be well prepared for exams and assessments and reach your academic goals.

Учебный процесс


The language lab of Hera Public School is well equipped with audio visual aids, which aims at developing student’s language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing along with the ability to think. It also undertakes communicative tasks that would equip the student to use English in real life situation. The sole aim of the system is to listen attentively, to view carefully, to express an opinion confidently and above all to imbibe the norms of courtesy by using the following techniques.

  • Accurate pronunciation and phonetics.
  • Recording sentences.
  • Building vocabulary.
  • Effective English expression.
  • Developing Fluency & Accent.